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Exfoliating Foot Balm

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Product Info:
Oliv' Bio Exfoliating Foot Balm
Your feet, they are sometimes forgotten during your care routine.
Too bad really, because tired feet often means a tired body.
This ultra-rich formula has been specially developed to simulate the natural production of collagen and helps protect against pollution and climatic influences, such as heat and cold.

Rich foot cream based on organic olive oil to stimulate the natural production of collagen and help soften, moisturize and protect the feet.

The effective ingredients in this Extra rich footbalm:

  • Aloe vera has a calming and moisturizing effect. Olive oil acts as a powerful anti-oxidant
  • Extracts of the meadowsweet flower have a soothing effect on the feet
  • Shea butter has a calming and protective role
  • Rosemary has a soothing, but also calming effect
  • Green tea and Edelweis are rich in antioxidants
  • Niaouli has an anti-bacterial effect.

Use :
Apply the Extra rich footbalm in the morning to protect the feet against harmful influences.
Apply it in the evening to relax the feet.

Content: 50 ml


Healthy Body

Our entire skin care range is free of chemical additives and up to 100% natural. This makes it very suitable for those who experience irritation when using products with additives.

Healthy Mind

Besides that the products in our range are up to 100% natural, they are also not tested on animals. This way you can enjoy your purchase with a peace of mind.

Healthy Planet.

Our full range is organic, vegetarian, completely vegan and/or plastic-free. In addition, the delivery is compensated up to 100%. All this ensures a minimal impact of your order on our planet.