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Lumiere du Soleil

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Product Info:
JOIK Home & Spa Vegan Rapeseed wax Scented candle Lumière du Soleil

Hypnotic and sensual warm aroma where notes of pink pepper, neroli and bergamot are combined with a heart of lily and jasmine and are gently veiled by a subtle aroma of incense, patchouli and vanilla.

This scented candle from JOIK Home & Spa is produced with European rapeseed wax which ensures a smaller ecological footprint thanks to a shorter transport route. Rapeseed does not cause monoculture and is not harmful to the environment. Rapeseed wax is biodegradable and burns longer and cleaner than paraffin. Besides this, canola wax is also vegan.

It uses a cotton wick and carefully selected premium quality perfumed oils, which are true to their name and fill the room with a wonderful aroma. This hand poured candle has approximately 30 burning hours.

Use :
Always cut the wick to 5mm before lighting your JOIK candle. Failure to cut the wick can cause the flame to grow too large and cause the wick to produce smoke - burning a candle under these conditions can be dangerous and it also damages the quality of the candle burning experience. If you see the flame getting too big or smoking, extinguish the candle, cut the wick, and relight the candle.


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Our entire skin care range is free of chemical additives and up to 100% natural. This makes it very suitable for those who experience irritation when using products with additives.

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Besides that the products in our range are up to 100% natural, they are also not tested on animals. This way you can enjoy your purchase with a peace of mind.

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Our full range is organic, vegetarian, completely vegan and/or plastic-free. In addition, the delivery is compensated up to 100%. All this ensures a minimal impact of your order on our planet.