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Eyebrow Duo Brush 907

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Product Info:
Uoga Uoga Eyebrow Duo Brush

This brush will become your best friend when shaping your eyebrows. The angled bristles on one side of the brush help to get a precise eyebrow shape. After you fill in the eyebrows, brush them up with a spoolie on the other side of the brush, and they will look even more natural. You can also use the spoolie to detangle lashes after applying mascara.

This brush is made of synthetic hair, which is more resistant to bacteria and dirt than natural hair. Remember that your brush will last you longer if you wash it regularly with soap or shampoo.

With frequent use, it is important to wash your brushes regularly.
For example, use a mild (baby) shampoo, rinse the brushes under lukewarm water until the water is clear, and then let them air dry.

Ingredients: synthetic hair

Healthy Body

Our entire skin care range is free of chemical additives and up to 100% natural. This makes it very suitable for those who experience irritation when using products with additives.

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Besides that the products in our range are up to 100% natural, they are also not tested on animals. This way you can enjoy your purchase with a peace of mind.

Healthy Planet.

Our full range is organic, vegetarian, completely vegan and/or plastic-free. In addition, the delivery is compensated up to 100%. All this ensures a minimal impact of your order on our planet.