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Darjeeling Delight Refill Bottle

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Product Info:
We Love The Planet Diffuser Darjeeling Delight Refill

The beautiful diffusers from We Love The Planet have been developed with sustainability in mind. The diffusers are free of chemical components and, unlike conventional fragrance sticks, cannot cause allergic reactions. Due to the essential oils, our diffusers last at least twice as long as other diffusers. Guaranteed a wonderful scent in the house.

The diffusers of We Love The Planet are available in six delicious natural scents, all six unique in their own character! Three scents based on 100% essential oils and three scents in Natural Fragrance. These fragrances are made exclusively from naturally extracted essential oils, which are then blended by French perfumers.

Due to the essential oils, our diffusers last at least twice as long as other diffusers.
The average duration of use with the 200ml diffusers is between 32 – 36 weeks with normal use. (2-3 dc). Like the darjeeling tea, this fragrance has a fruity and spicy aroma.

Tip: Fill the vase with a small layer of oil and 2-3 twigs for sustainable use.


Natural perfume

Healthy Body

Our entire skin care range is free of chemical additives and up to 100% natural. This makes it very suitable for those who experience irritation when using products with additives.

Healthy Mind

Besides that the products in our range are up to 100% natural, they are also not tested on animals. This way you can enjoy your purchase with a peace of mind.

Healthy Planet.

Our full range is organic, vegetarian, completely vegan and/or plastic-free. In addition, the delivery is compensated up to 100%. All this ensures a minimal impact of your order on our planet.